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Haifa Wehbe

Haifa Wehbe is a multi talented Lebanese model, an actress and a singer who gained the first fame as runners up for Miss Lebanon in the Arab world. She was born in March 10, 1974. Her debut album Houwa El-Zaman (هو الزمن It is Time) has contributed to get the fame and the name for this young and beautiful Arabian star.


Wehbe was born in a small Shiite farming town called Mahrouna near Southern Lebanon. Her childhood grew up with interests on Jazz and R&B music. At a young age of sixteen, she won the title of Miss South Lebanon. She was crowned in the Miss Lebanon competition but later the crown was snatch from her and was disqualifed because it was discoverd that she had already been married. She quickly made a name for herself by starring in George Wassouf’s music video, and with that break, she was on over a hundred of magazines covers in the mid 90s. Not only that, she was listed as 50 most beautiful people list in People Magazine.

Musical Career

The relase of her first album Houwa El-Zaman (هو الزمن, "It Is Time") which  booned her first commercial success,  and the first single "Agoul Ahwak" (أقول أهواك, "I Say I Love You") gave her the recognition.

The second album Baddi Eesh (بدي عيش, "I Want to Live") which was released in 2005 was again successful because of its hit single"Ya Hayat Albi." However the most successful single hit to date is"Ana Haifa" (أنا هيفاء, "I Am Haifa") which made her widely popular. In 2006 she released yet another single "Bus al-Wawa" (بوس الواوا, "Kiss the booboo") from her album which was to be released at the end of 2008 or at the beginning of 2009. In year 2006 "Kiss the booboo" kissed the top chart and voted for Song of the Year by Radio Scope and Swat Al Musika.

Wehbe was further recognized when she became the first Arab artist to perform in front of celebrites and fashion designers at Piazza Navona, city square in Rome, Italy, and the show was broadcasted on the Italian TV channel Rai Uno. She performed with rapper 50 cent who was also performing his first concert in Lebanon. In 2008 she released the album Habibi Ana (حبيبي أنا, "My Love". Her next album titled Baby Haifa with Rotana is yet to be released soon.

Other Works

She also had appeared on TV in a reality series called Al-Wadi (Arabic: الوادي The Farm‎) in 2005, and was aired for 3 months during when she also showed her talent by singing few songs from her new album. The TV series was based on French reality show.

Outside her singing career she has worked in several movies and has worked as a television host, and also played in Pepsi ads with Theirry Henry - the football superstar. The ad was aired on television during the 2006 FIFA World Cup. She starred in a movie called Sea of Stars - a Pepsi produced movie, along with Ahmad el Sherif, Wael Kfoury, Brigitte Yaghi, Carole Samaha and Ruwaida al-Mahrooqi.


In 2006 she was ranked 49 in Top 99 Most Desirable Women list complied by a popular website AskMen.com. However the popularity had few complications. Wehbe with her voluptuous body and provocative dance moves is dazzling for many but for some people her revealing outfits looks scandalous. She is aware of such complications, and on many occasion she simply ignores them. Even some politicians made few comments on her. For example one Bahraini Member of Parliament said Haifa spoke with her body, and not her voice.
She said she is a performer and not a politician, she knows her fans love her to see her singing and dancing, and she is not concerned about other issues. She said she wants to be there for her fans, and that is what she cares about. In 2008 she was almost banned from performing in one concert in Bahrain. The parliament dominated Islamist members tried to stop the concert by urging the Government by passing a motion. However they couldn’t stop the concert. Thousands of fans were there to see her performance. She only had to wear a decent dress, a long green gown with a low V-neckline, during the concert; fans thought she was muffed.

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